Avoid cats during pregnancy

Cats are very favorite animals of many of us. Many of us are very fond of cats. But do you know how much harm a cat that walks on your feet can do to an unborn baby? Many people may have heard the name Toxoplasmosis. It is a disease carried by protozoa (single-celled animals). Pet cats are carriers of this virus and humans are intermediate carriers of this virus. Through the feces of cats infected with this disease, the germs of this disease come close to humans and enter the body by chance. Moreover, if a woman is infected with this disease during pregnancy, then her unborn child can also be infected with this disease. Now let’s see what can be the problem because of this. In these cases, some of the baby’s organs such as the brain, eyes, heart, liver, and lungs can be severely damaged. Even the risk of stillbirth or miscarriage cannot be completely ruled out. Many times, the symptoms of this disease are not manifested in the child at the time of birth. Damage to the eyes or brain may appear months or years later. And the child may grow up mentally retarded. There is nothing to fear. Stay away from pregnant cats. In this way, it is possible to prevent this disease easily.

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