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Brush your teeth with what?

Are you nervous readers? In fact, it is normal to think so. Just like soap is needed to clean clothes and glasses, just as we need to take care of something to keep it good, we also need something to clean our beautiful teeth.

What can be used as a teeth cleaning tool? Earlier people did not clean their teeth. With the change of era, people started thinking about teeth cleaning. He started brushing his teeth with various things. Such as ash, coal, sand, soil, etc. Also, the soft branches of the tree-wrapped leaves were not left out. It can also be called Meswak.

With the change of day, people discovered that these teeth cleaning products make the teeth sparkling white, but after a few days, various problems appeared in the teeth. Problems appeared in the soft gums. It is discovered that this is caused by the granular part of these plaques eroding the teeth. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. were gradually developed. Finally, toothpaste was considered a teeth cleaner.

Why toothpaste?

Using charcoal, sand, i.e. coarse-grained materials for brushing teeth slowly erodes the hardest part of our teeth (which is the outer covering of the teeth) ‘Enamel’. If this process continues, the inner part of the tooth, the ‘dentil’, and then the pulp/marrow also wear away. As a result, there may be a pain in the teeth starting from tingling. And in many cases it does. Apart from this, the stability of the teeth also decreases due to gum decay.

The ingredients in toothpaste are very fine so there is less chance of tooth decay, while toothpaste with coarser grains helps in tooth decay. In this case, of course, the rule of toothpaste is also included.

So it is better to use toothpaste instead of temporarily whitening teeth by brushing your teeth with coal ash by mistake. However, those who cannot afford toothpaste can also use tooth powder.

To increase the beauty of a beautiful face, the beauty of the teeth should be increased. For that, you need to clean your teeth regularly and brush your teeth regularly with toothpaste twice a day.

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